Sidewinder Tools

These are the revolutionary tools to use for easy, quicker vacuuming…

Sidewinder tools are designed for cleaning in a side-to-side sweeping motion rather than the traditional back-and-forward motion. This sweeping motion is more natural and allows you to clean surfaces in half-the-time plus decreases user fatigue. The sidewinder’s swivel action also makes it ideal for overhead cleaning, cleaning walls, cleaning around ventilation, and cleaning in narrow and low spaces.

Sidewinder Carpet Tool


The sidewinder carpet tool is excellent for cleaning low pile carpets and lets you complete the job in half the time with it’s side-to-side sweeping motion.

Item Part #
8″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56020
15″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56018
18″ Sidewinder Carpet Tool 1B56016

Sidewinder Squeegee Tool


The sidewinder squeegee is the fastest way to pick-up liquid especially if you are covering a large area. The single (replaceable) rubber blade works faster and quieter than a regular squeegee.

Item Part #
15″ Sidewinder Squeegee Tool 1B56024

Sidewinder Felt Tool


The sidewinder felt tool is ideal for cleaning hardwood and concrete floors because of the uniform felt surface.

Item Part #
8″ Sidewinder Felt Tool 1B56004
15″ Sidewinder Felt Tool 1B56002
18″ Sidewinder Felt Tool 1B56000

Sidewinder Brush Tool


Natural or synthetic bristles make this tool perfect for floors, walls, & overhead pipe.

The brush is replaceable.

Item Part #
8″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush 1B56014
15″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush 1B56012
15″ Sidewinder Synthetic Bristle Brush 1B56008
18″ Sidewinder Natural Bristle Brush 1B56010
18″ Sidewinder Synthetic Bristle Brush 1B56006

Replacement Parts

Replacement Urethane Blade for 15″ Sidewinder Squeegee