Pipe & Ventilation Tools

These are the pipe & ventilation tools to use to easily get rid of dust and dirt from overhead pipes, ventilation & air ducts…

These tools are designed to clean hard-to-reach pipes and ventilation ducts. Attach these tools to a telescopic wand coupled to a 45 degree goose neck wand, and you now have a way to reach pipes as high as 20’ for easy overhead cleaning.

Plastic Pipe Tools


These pipe cleaning attachments are made from durable polypropylene and fit a standard 1.5″ handle or friction wand. The tools easily reach over pipes and provide effective brushing against dirt and dust.

Item Part #
1-4″ Plastic Pipe Tool 1B54310
4-8″ Plastic Pipe Tool 1B54305

Aluminum Pipe Tools


Aluminum pipe tools (that come with a 1.5″ adapter) are designed for jobs where you need more weight on the tool to remove dirt and dust from different sized pipes and conduits.

The bristles on these tools are easily replaceable.

Item Part #
1-3″ Aluminum Pipe Tool 1B54100
4-6″ Aluminum Pipe Tool 1B54200
6″+ Aluminum Pipe Tool 1B54300

Ventilation Tools


These ventilation tools are designed to effectively clean large diameter round surfaces such as HVAC ventilation ducts.

When you attach these tools to telescopic wands and extenders, you can reach ducts in ceilings as high as 20′.

Item Part #
1′ Ventilation Tool 1B56030
2′ Ventilation Tool 1B56032
4′ Ventilation Tool 1B56034

Replacement Parts

Replacement Bristles for 1-3″ Al. Pipe Tool