Dusting Brushes

These are the brushes to use to clean dirt & dust from delicate furniture…

These dusting brushes come in both nylon and horsehair bristles and are designed to clean the dust off surfaces on furniture, trim and delicate surfaces without leaving a mark.

7″ Flat Dusting Brush


This brush is perfect for cleaning furniture and surfaces requiring a delicate touch where you need a wider tool.

Item Part #
7″ Flat Dusting Brush 1B51300

2″ Plastic Round Dusting Brush


This small brush is an essential tool for every cleaner’s arsenal. Use it to clean complex surfaces like trimmings and baseboards.

Item Part #
2″ Plastic Round Dusting Brush 1850600

Aluminum Round Dusting Brush


This sturdy cast aluminum brush uses natural bristles for a soft clean. A plastic bumper protects furniture from damage.

Item Part #
3″ Aluminum Dusting Brush 1853600
5″ Aluminum Dusting Brush 1853700

Replacement Parts

Replacement Brush for 7″ Flat Dusting Brush