Floor Cleaning Chemicals

These are the chemicals and pastes to use to clean, maintain and restore floors to perfection…

TroubleGone Baseboard Cleaner

4 L20 L

TroubleGone is a slightly alkaline, water-based cleaning & stripping solution which is safe to use in all environments.

TroubleGone is specially formulated to clean and strip layers of old wax from baseboards and floors with the Rabbit-1 or Rabbit-3 floor machine.

Item Part #
20 L TroubleGone 8A01371
4 L TroubleGone 8A01370

Full Force Marble Floor Stripper

4 L

Full Force is a highly concentrated floor stripper for use on water-based acrylics urethane finishes. marble, and other hard surfaces.

Even with all that powerful stripping action this stripper features low-odour making it the chemical of choice!

1:23 Light Stripping
1:18 Regular Stripping
1:13 Heavy Stripping

Item Part #
Full Force Marble Floor Stripper 8A01372

Acidic Cleaner for Heavy Duty Jobs

4 L

This heavy duty acidic cleaner is a fast acting, heavy-duty acid cleaner for textured, non-polished, natural and manufactured surfaces.

Acidic cleaner removes sanded grout and mortar residue, joint cement, lime and hard water deposits, effervescence, rust and other heavy dirt and grime.

1:60 Lightly Soils
1:40 Regular Soils
1:20 Heavy Soils

Item Part #
Acidic Cleaner for Heavy Duty Jobs 8A01302

Neutra-Life Salt & Stain Remover

4 L

Neutra-Life is a non-acidic, commercially neutral cleaner, safe for use on any water washable surface, including carpets and finish treated surfaces.

Neutra-Life excels in alkali neutralization, salt and stain removal, and as a heavy-duty detergent. When used on carpets, it will brighten any colour loss from alkali exposure.

Item Part #
Neutra-Life Salt & Stain Remover 8A01376

Glue-Off Glue Remover

4 L glue off floor cleaner

Glue-Off is a concentrated heavy duty degreaser. Glue-Off removes leftover dried-out tile or carpet glue and is safe to use on marble, terrazzo, granite or concrete. Glue-Off can be used concentrated or diluted with up to 10 parts water.

Item Part #
Glue-Off Glue Remover 8A01354

Traffic Lane Carpet Stain Remover

4 L

Traffic lane is a high-strength spot cleaner for use on carpet stains and carpet spot cleaning. Dilute 10:1 for carpet cleaning and apply with a sprayer.

Item Part #
Traffic Lane Carpet Stain Remover 8A01380

PC Paste for Marble Polishing

PC-Paste is our premier water-soluble marble polishing paste. While the best polishing results can be achieved by polishing higher than 3000 grit, this polishing paste will give the floor a nice shine when used only after 800 grit.

  • User friendly non-corrosive formula limits splash etching and other issues found with most other polishing products
  • Highly effective on limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, and terrazzo
Item Part #
PC Paste (5 LBS) 2C01252
PC Paste (10 LBS) 2C01250
PC Paste (25 LBS) 2C01251