Get An Online Customized Demo of a Centaur Machine: Tailored Specifically For Your Cleaning Needs

This is your chance to see how a Centaur machine would handle the exact type of job you would need it to handle… and you don’t even have to leave your office or home to watch it.

Here's How It Works:

You provide us with some basic information below on what you are looking to achieve with a cleaning machine – as an example, you want a machine that will clean and scrub baseboards as well as floors in tight areas such as in toilets and kitchens.

Based on the information you provide, we can then best select one or more machines, accessories and tools that we determine would be the most suitable for your stated purposes and goals.

We can then can meet virtually at a convenient time between the both of us to demonstrate the equipment for exactly the job you would require to complete.

The demo is CUSTOMIZED specifically for you; and your stated needs on a job.

You don’t even need to leave your office or home for the live real-time demo. That’s because it will be done over the Internet.

You can even ask questions during the live demo. This is exactly what we want you to do. This way it’s an interactive experience where you can get all your questions answered – and DEMONSTRATED — in real time.

And don’t worry — a customized demo does NOT in any way obligate you to purchase a Centaur machine at any time.

And the customized demo does NOT cost you anything.

Of course, in addition to or instead of, you are always welcome to come into the Centaur showroom for a live in-person demo of any of the Centaur machines. At any time that option is always available to you.

But for convenience — you may prefer the live customized demo over the Internet (hence this online customized demo service we are now providing).

So to get started and set up for a live customized demo for yourself which you can “tune into” in real time to watch over the Internet — we will need you to provide us with the information requested below.

Please Tell Us a Little About Your Cleaning Needs

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Made My Job So Much Easier

“I have worked with Centaur Machines for years. They are fantastic machines that made my job as a school custodian so much easier. A big plus is that they are Canadian Made.”

—Lucy Reed, Extreme Clean

One-of-a-kind Product for Stripping Baseboards

Great experience with a one of a kind product for stripping baseboards. Great product, customer service and customer care. Fast and efficient, highly recommended company!

—Terri Maki, Ironwood Area Schools