Dirty, Soiled Carpets Transformed to Immaculately Clean in the Quickest Time Possible

The Rabbit 8 is the FASTEST, most powerful carpet cleaning machine on the market. It allows you to immaculately clean a large area of dirty, soiled carpet (i.e., a nightclub or hotel carpet after a messy late night party) and do so in HALF the time it takes with any other carpet cleaning machine. So, when you clean a carpet with a Rabbit-8 you’re going to feel a renewed sense of pride in a cleaning job well done. Plus, you’ll be earning your cleaning contract fee in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

How the Rabbit-8 Makes Your Work Easier

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Technical Specifications

RABBIT-8/8L Part #: 2W22044 / 2W22045
Primary ApplicationCarpet
Electrical Supply110 V – 15 A Outlet 50/60 Hz
Drive Block Size18"
Downsizes To13"
Drive Block SpeedSingle Speed: 175 RMP
MotorDC 1.5 HP
Noise Level60 dB
Electric Cord Length50 ft
Machine Weight92 lbs / 94 lbs
Removable SplashGuardYes
Flex HoseYes
Supports Baseboard CleaningYes
Attach Optional Water Tank (16 L)Yes, include

Compare & Choose Your Rabbit-8 Package

Starter Package(#2W22044) LED Package Package(#2W22045)


Single speed 175 RPM, Model 19, 1.5 HP DC Motor, 50 ft Electric Cord


Single speed 175 RPM, Model 19, 1.5 HP DC Motor, 50 ft Electric Cord

Pump Activating Switch check check
Deluxe Water Tank
(w/ stainless steel handle + drain plug)
check check
18″ Bonnet Drive Block check check
Waterproof LED lighting system check

Options & Accessories

Integrated SplashGuard

(For Stripping & Waxing, Polishing, Cleaning & light grinding)

Both 18" and 13" Pad Drivers

(as this machine downsizes to get into tight and small areas)

Deluxe Water Tank

(for scrubbing, polishing and general cleaning)

Scrub Jay #3

(for scrubbing cove or square baseboards fast)

Scrub Jay #4

(for scrubbing taller baseboards)

18" Bonnet Driver

(Tough nylon bristles reliably grip bonnets)

19" Microfiber Bonnet

(Extremely absorbent surface and core. Use both sides to do twice the work. Machine washable for easy cleaning.)

18" Nylon Shampoo Brush

(High-quality dual thick-ness design. Soft inner bristles are designed to gently scrub while the thicker outer bristles are designed to hold the machines weight, scrub the carpet and flex the pile.)

18" Best Shampoo Brush

(Weight of the machine rests on the adjustable stainless-steel plate preventing premature bristle wear. Easily glides over carpets and last longer than regular shampoo brush.)

What Makes The Rabbit-8 Different?

Feature Competitor The Rabbit-8
Integrated Splashguard (removable) No check
Downsizes from 18″ to 13″ No check
Baseboard Cleaning No check
Selectable front or down spray No check
Pump activating Switch No check
Made In Canada No check
Typical Lifespan 5—10 Years 30—40 Years


We've Got Your Back...

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Leading Institutions That Select Centaur Machines

Versatile and a Time Saver

“I’ve been using Centaur floor machines for 15 years with great success. Attachments like the water tank and the 40lb weight makes the machine’s versatility quite impressive. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. As you know wax and liquids get splashed on the baseboards throughout the year and it is very time consuming to remove them by hand, but with this attachment, all that is required is to apply baseboard cleaner and go.”

—Dustin Chang, FCH Maintenance

One of the Secrets of Our Success

“Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service.

Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. As I look back, we continue to purchase your product without hesitation and the evolution of your company has contributed to the success of ours.”

—Michael P. Hurley, former President & Co-CEO Hurley Corporation

Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Rabbit-8 work on hard surface flooring too?

Yes, the Rabbit-8 can be used for floor cleaning simply by changing the driver. However, we do not recommend using the Rabbit-8 on wood flooring as there will be a lot of torque on the handle which can strain your wrist.

How do I empty my tank?

At the back of the tank, there is a shut-off valve and a drain plug. Use the shut-off valve to ensure that no liquid pours out even if you pull the handles. Use the drain plug to quickly and efficiently empty the water tank.

What is the purpose of the LED lighting on the Rabbit-8L?

With our new high-power waterproof LED lighting you can clean your carpets when there is no to minimal lighting. The system will also allow you to see the divots in the surface to help you get an even finish and clean.

The Best Protection Guarantee In The Industry

You have 3X the PROTECTION when you purchase a Centaur Rabbit-8

30-Day Money Back PERFORMANCE Guarantee

If the Rabbit-8 Floor Machine doesn’t get the work done faster and better than ANY other machine you’ve used before, simply contact our office to have it returned (within 30 days of purchase) and receive a FULL REFUND. Plus, we’ll cover the shipping cost.

Top-Quality LIFETIME Guarantee

If your Rabbit-8 ever has a manufacturing defect on Non-Wearable/Non-Moveable Components* we’ll Fix or Replace Your Floor Machine within 1 business day… for FREE!

10-Year MOTOR Warranty

If you use the Rabbit-8 under normal conditions and the Motor gives up, we’ll Fix or Replace the Motor on your Centaur Floor Machine within 1 business day for FREE**.