Grinds & Polishes Concrete and Stone Floors... PLUS Lets You Work on Countertops Too

How The Stonechat Helps You Refinish Stone With Less Effort

Heavy-Duty 110V 15A Floor Grinder & Polisher


Plugs into any standard 110V 15A outlet (and handles up to 400 lbs of additional weight to restore floors faster)


Integrated SplashGuard with dust port keeps the work area clean & dust-free.


Built-in amperage meter with shows you how much weight you can safely add without tripping the breakers.


Offset handle helps reduces fatigue on the operator.


Converts easily to a countertop grinder & polisher.

Discover How the Stonechat Makes Your Work Easier

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Technical Specifications

STONECHATPart #: 2W220-4/2W220-5/2W220-6
Primary ApplicationHard Stone or Concrete
Electrical Supply110 V – 15 A Outlet 50/60 Hz
Drive Block Size18"
Downsizes To13"
Drive Block SpeedSingle Speed: 175 RPM
MotorDC 1.5HP – High Torque Motor
Noise Level60 dB
Detachable HandleYes
Extended Handle BarYes
Electric Cord Length50 ft (15.24 m)
Detachable Electric CordYes (twist lock)
Machine Weight (without cord)80.6 lbs (36.56 kg)
Weights Supported400 lbs (181 kg)
Removable SplashGuardYes
Supports Baseboard CleaningYes
Water Tank (16 L)Yes (directional water flow)
Dust Port Attachment For VacuumYes
Flex Hose SprayerYes

Choose Your Stonechat Package

Starter Package(#2W220-4) Complete Package Package(#2W220-5) Countertop Package(#2W220-9)


Single speed 175 RPM, 1.5 HP DC Motor, 50 ft Electric Cord


Single speed 175 RPM, 1.5 HP DC Motor, 50 ft Electric Cord


Single speed 175 RPM, 1.5 HP DC Motor, 50 ft Electric Cord

Deluxe Water Tank
(w/ stainless steel handle + drain plug)
check check
SplashGuard With Dustport check18” (removable for downsizing) check18” (removable for downsizing) check13″ Flex SplashGuard
Horseshoe Weights check(3 x 40 lbs) check(3 x 40 lbs) check(1 x 40 lbs)
18″ Oriol Plus Drive Block
(w/ center lock)
optional check
Magpie Diamond Holder
(w/ 6 velcro cub discs)
optional check18″ Plastic Magpie check13″ Plastic Magpie

If you already own a Stonechat, get the Stonechat-Mini Conversion Kit #2C01700 (includes: Short handle with 50’ cable, 13″ Flex SplashGuard and 13″ Magpie with 6 cub discs)

Tools & Accessories To Help You Clean Better... And in Less Time

40 lb Horseshoe Weight

Add these 40 lb weights to your floor machine (as per operating allowances) and strip, clean, scrub, grind and polish floors in less time.

Item Part #
40 lb Horseshoe Weight 2F03072

Deluxe Water Tank

This 16 L (4 G) water tank mounts on to any Centaur floor machine.

Centaur’s water tanks are fitted with a special lid to help prevent water spillage caused when the machine bumps into anything during operations.

The water tank comes with a stainless steel handle to control water flow, and a convenient drain plug to easily empty the tank.

Item Part #
Deluxe Water Tank (Long Adjusting Handle) 2A88920
Deluxe Water Tank (Rabbit-8/8L) 2A88801
Deluxe Water Tank (Short Adjusting Bar) 2A88900

18″ SplashGuard + Dust Port


This SplashGuard is fitted with a convenient dust port to hook up a vacuum cleaner.

When using your Centaur Woodpecker or Stonechat floor machine for dry sanding and grinding, simply attach a vacuum hose to the dust port and prevent any dust or harmful silica from getting airborne.

Item Part #
18″ SplashGuard + Dust Port 2E94021

13″ Flexible SplashGuard

Use the Flexible SplashGuard to keep the mess from spraying on to walls and baseboards while using a floor machine.

The Flexible SplashGuard is made from non-marking heavy-duty arena rubber composite so it lasts long, and comes in different sizes to fit most other floor machines.

Item Part #
13″ Flexible SplashGuard 2E94026

Tough Nylon Cub Magpie

  • Multi-Surfaces
  • Wet or Dry

The Magpie comes with six (6) replaceable cub discs that accept all Velcro-backed diamonds up to 4″ in diameter.

One Magpie is all you need to grind, hone and polish stone floors.

Item Part #
13″ Tough Nylon Cub Magpie 2A81824
16″ Tough Nylon Cub Magpie 2A81833
18″ Tough Nylon Cub Magpie 2A81840

Aluminum Magpie w/ Gimlets

  • Concrete
  • Wet or Dry

These six (6) gimlets mounted on an aluminum Magpie are perfect for removing glue and mastics from concrete floors for jobs up to 10,000 sq ft.

Item Part #
16″ Aluminum Magpie w/ Gimlets 2A81836
18″ Aluminum Magpie w/ Gimlets 2A81844

Aluminum Magpie w/ Cupwheels

  • Concrete
  • Wet or Dry

The tough aluminum Magpie with six (6) cupwheels is ideal for jobs where you need to remove paint and prepare concrete floors for epoxy coating.

Item Part #
16″ Aluminum Magpie w/ Cupwheels 2A81837
18″ Aluminum Magpie w/ Cupwheels 2A81843

Mastic Removal Tool

  • Concrete
  • Wet Only

Use this tool to remove glue and mastic from floors quickly and economically.

The blades are replaceable and typically last for 2,500 sq ft.

Item Part #
4.5″ Mastic Removal Tool (for hand grinder) 2C20010
7″ Mastic Removal Tool (for hand grinder) 2C20011
16″ Mastic Removal Tool 2C20024

Diamond Disks and Tools

  • Multi-Surfaces
  • Wet or Dry

A large selection of economical and long lasting premium diamonds are available for honing, grinding and polishing hard surfaces to perfection. Available in grits 30-8500 and sizes 3 to 7 inches.
See Diamond Selection

Item Part #
Diamond Disks and Tools See Selection

Diamond ASTRO Pads

ASTRO pads are the GREEN method to maintain stone surfaces. Replacing floor wax with a hardened mechanical shine eliminates the use of chemicals.

Use ASTRO pads on any swing machine, auto-scrubber, and burnisher. The pad performs best on wet floors but can also be used dry. See chart for available sizes and grit. Size & Grit Chart

Item Part #
Diamond ASTRO Pads See Chart

Spiral Aggressor

  • Concrete
  • Wet or Dry

The Spiral Cupwheel has a very aggressive 30 grit pattern for grinding.

Use this on Magpies or with hand grinders.

Item Part #
4″ Aggressor (14 Segments) 2C00423
4″ Aggressor (8 Segments) 2C00422
7″ Aggressor (12 Segments) 2C00421
7″ Aggressor (18 Segments) 2C00419
7″ Aggressor (24 Segments) 2C00420

Double Row

  • Concrete
  • Wet or Dry

The Double Row is less aggressive than the Spiral Aggressor and leaves a smoother finish ideal for grinding.

Use this on Magpies or with hand grinders.

Item Part #
4″ Double Row 2C00424
5″ Double Row 2C00425
7″ Double Row 2C00426

Grout Brush & Pad Combination


The TYNEX grout brush features a 13″ scrubbing pad combined with 180 Grit brush bristles to provide superior results. It reduces the need for multiple passes and is ideal for concrete, terrazzo, tile and linoleum. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.

Item Part #
17″ Grout Brush & Pad Combination 2A71786

How The Stonechat Stands Head & Shoulders Above Other Floor Machines

Feature Other Machines The Stonechat
Integrated Splashguard (removable) No check
Downsizes from 18″ to 13″ No check
Baseboard Cleaning No Available
Accommodates Weights Some check
Dust Port Attachment Some check
Made In Canada No check
Typical Lifespan 5—10 Years 15—20 Years

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Machines In Active Use
Customers We Support
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Avg Machine Lifespan You'll Get

Frequently Asked Questions

How much additional weight can I put on the Stonechat?

The Stonechat is designed for additional weight so that you can complete your job in less time.

Simply add 40lb horseshoe weights (one at a time) and monitor the on-board amperage meter to ensure you are not overloading the circuits. As long as you are operating within the “safe” limits you can add more weight to the machine.

The Stonechat accommodates up to ten 40lb horseshoe weights for a maximum of 400 lbs (181 kg) of additional weight.

How close can the Stonechat get to the wall?

The Stonechat’s 18″ grinding path still allows the operator to grind or polish up to ½” from the wall.

How do I downsize the Stonechat?

Like all Centaur floor machines, the Stonechat has a removable SplashGuard.

When you remove the SplashGuard you can now attach a 13″ Magpie or pad holder and use the machine to get into those hard to reach areas that need a “smaller” grinding/polishing path.

How do I use the Stonechat for countertops?

If you already own a Stonechat, get the Stonechat-Mini Conversion Kit (product #2C01700) to convert your Stonechat to a countertop polisher and grinder.

The conversion kit includes the Short Handle assembly, a 50′ cable, a 13″ flex SplashGuard and a 13″ Magpie with 6 cub discs.

The Best Protection Guarantee In The Industry

You have 3X the PROTECTION when you purchase a Centaur Stonechat

30-Day Money Back PERFORMANCE Guarantee

If the Stonechat Floor Machine doesn’t get the work done faster and better than ANY other machine you’ve used before, simply contact our office to have it returned (within 30 days of purchase) and receive a FULL REFUND. Plus, we’ll cover the shipping cost.

Top-Quality LIFETIME Guarantee

If your Stonechat ever has a manufacturing defect on Non-Wearable/Non-Moveable Components* we’ll Fix or Replace Your Floor Machine within 1 business day… for FREE!

10-Year MOTOR Warranty

If you use the Stonechat under normal conditions and the Motor gives up, we’ll Fix or Replace the Motor on your Centaur Floor Machine within 1 business day for FREE**.

Leading Institutions That Select Centaur Machines

Versatile and a Time Saver

“I’ve been using Centaur floor machines for 15 years with great success. Attachments like the water tank and the 40lb weight makes the machine’s versatility quite impressive. The baseboard attachment (Scrub Jay) is phenomenal. As you know wax and liquids get splashed on the baseboards throughout the year and it is very time consuming to remove them by hand, but with this attachment, all that is required is to apply baseboard cleaner and go.”

—Dustin Chang, FCH Maintenance

One of the Secrets of Our Success

“Our relationship dates back to the mid-sixties, your persistence, dependable products and flawless customer service enabled our company to focus on our growth and customer service.

Our field staff has successfully utilized the Rabbit floor machine for many years; it’s versatility, dependability is unparalleled and unquestioned within our organization. As I look back, we continue to purchase your product without hesitation and the evolution of your company has contributed to the success of ours.”

—Michael P. Hurley, former President & Co-CEO Hurley Corporation

Exceptional Workmanship

“Centaur products have proven to be highly effective, extremely durable and cost effective. The Rabbit line meets all of or scrubbing, stripping and bonneting needs and we have many that are still in service that were purchased over ten years ago.

Furthermore, it has been our pleasure to deal with your company. You and your staff have always conducted yourselves with the highest level of integrity. That, together with a very solid product offering, has made this a very beneficial partnership.”

—Brian Gingras, CBSE President Bee-Clean Building Maintenance